For someone who spends most of the work day standing up, a comfortable mat under my feet is a necessity. A quality standing desk mat can make the difference in sore, aching legs and a pleasant experience throughout the day. The Wellness brand, anti-fatigue mat is an exceptional choice that meets the needs of anyone who spends long periods of time on their feet.

This smooth finish mat comes in a variety of sizes which allows it to fit in any space or behind any standing desk. Made of 100% polyurethane, the piece does not compress or wear through and will always lie flat. Unlike most mats on the market, this choice will not curl up around the edges. The thick layer of cushioning makes it incredibly comfortable, almost like standing on clouds. The design of this piece also makes it a snap to keep clean. A simple damp cloth wipes off everyday dirt and grime while a general household cleaner eliminates deeper stains. Another great feature is that this product is made in the USA and comes with a long warranty.

While working at my stand-up desk, I constantly experience sore feet, aching legs and back pain from being on the hard floor. The cushion of the Wellness Mat has vastly improved those conditions and reduced the pain. Other users have recorded greater comfort, better work and home experiences and the elimination of aches and pains when compared to other mats. Choices like the GelPro floor mat are not available in as many sizes and do not have the proven longevity of the Wellness brand. Although this option is a bit more expensive, no other choice has the features and superior quality that this mat offers.

When used behind a standing desk, this mat provides a clean, professional and hygienic look. Many individuals use this mat in the kitchen as well to gain a more pleasing experience while cooking or cleaning. In any environment, this anti-fatigue mat provides comfort, relief and a quality cosmetic appearance.

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