The Next Generation gel anti fatigue kitchen mats are basically one piece rubberized gel foam mats that are both water and oil resistant. Each mat which measures 20 inches in width and 36 inches in length essentially features an anti slipping design that not only keeps this kitchen or standing desk mat firmly on the ground when you are standing on it, but also helps minimize tripping to a great extent. Moreover, the one piece construction of these kitchen mats help eliminate the problem that many people tend to experience with gel mats that have separate covers. These anti fatigue mats are available in two colors: rich rust and jet black.


One of the greatest advantages of this anti-fatigue mat is the fact that they help ease pressure of the back muscles and encourages you to change postures frequently, thereby preventing stiffness of the muscles and joints. Moreover, unlike other gel mats, these mats do not get curled up at the edges, thereby helping improve safety and eliminate tripping hazards. Using these mats in front of your stand-up desk will help improve circulation on legs and feet and helps reduce pain in the arches and heels to a great extent. In fact, this anti-fatigue mat prove to be a perfect choice for all those people who are required to do their work on their stand -up desk for extended periods of time or are suffering from plantar fasciitis. Easy to clean, these gel mats are quite durable and look swanky new in spite of the wear and tear of day to day use.

This standing desk mat proves to be much thicker when compared to other gel mats. Thus, a person treading on it requires to get used to the height to prevent tripping over it. Moreover, using the black gel anti fatigue mat often tends to show every crumb and particles that happen to be on the mat, thereby making it imperative to clean the mat on a regular basis.

The fact that standing or sitting at a desk for too many hours can cause negative health consequences, using Next Generation gel mats proves to be a perfect choice for those people who are looking for a new desk mat for their set up.

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