Taking a strong stand against sitting has never been easier owing to this inexpensive standing desk mat. Long before working whilst standing became as popular as double cheese burgers, people had been sitting at their desks for hours, painfully longing for clock-out. But with the advent of standing desks things have since changed, even to the point where they too have been linked to fatigue, thereby necessitating the creation of the anti-fatigue mat to stand on. Hard floors are less endearing as many people would like to believe, which is why this particular kind of mat was created. Another commendable feature of standing desks is that they actually reduce obesity and heart disease in people who are likely to suffer from the two simply because one is working whilst standing instead of sitting down.

Durable Design

This mat is definitely purposed-designed for cheap and durable support purposes. Working while standing becomes tolerable with the Grizzly Standing Desk mat, especially when the sponginess is swallowing up most of the stresses and strains in your limbs and feet. They are so cheap that you can cover your whole area with them, unlike some of the more expensive stand-up desk mats. You are limited in your color choice, because its clear that the manufacturer prioritized function over form.

One additional thing to applaud about the stand-up desk is the fact that this office accessory does more than just tackle simple problems involving office ergonomics. The sponginess prevents falling iPhone from being broken in scenarios where they would otherwise be shattered!


This isn’t the prettiest standing desk mat you’ll find. It works better in an office than a hair salon, but thats fine with me. The purpose-built Grizzly Anti-fatigue standing desk mat is all I need.

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