The Genuine Joe Anti Fatigue standing desk mat is a suitable mat for the office or the home. The mat can be placed in any area, such as around the desk, the kitchen sink, or any area where you stand up for long periods. Features such as beveled edges and air domes reduce risk for slips and falls..

Rubber, non-slip material for comfort and safety
Air bubble surface for added comfort to feet and back
Low-profile beveled edges reduce trips over the mat
Design approved by the American Podiatric Association

The air bubble surface of this stand-up desk mat is very comfortable on the feet and on the rest of the body. It offers the right amount of support and comfort. The rubber material also allows for easy washing and cleaning.

The mat only comes in one size. For some users, this can be too small especially for those who want a larger, more comfortable standing area around the desk or the kitchen. However, one can always place two or three mats side by side to increase the covered space.

The Genuine Joe Flex Step Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk mat  performs just as well as more expensive mats such as the Sublime Imprint Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Mat, which has non-curl edges and is made of stay-flat memory foam. The Genuine Joe Anti-Fatigue mat feels more comfortable, however, since the bubble surface helps promote circulation to the feet. It also costs less than other leading anti-fatigue mats like the Crown Anti-Static Comfort Mat, or the Rubber-Cal Bubble Top Anti-Fatigue mat, which costs around $30-35 . Most anti-fatigue mats are made of sponge or memory foam, but the rubber material makes any Genuine Joe anti-fatigue mat easier to clean.

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