Good Standing Desk Mat For The Price

I use this mat primarily as a standing desk mat, and have found that it meets my needs as well or better than its more expensive competitors. It is an affordable, durable anti-fatigue mat that provides enough support to significantly reduce my fatigue and discomfort during the work day.

Initially, I was worried that the 3/8th inch cushion might not be enough to help when working at a stand-up desk, but I certainly notice the difference in my feet and back versus spending hours standing on the the floor. I can feel my feet sinking into the mat, but it still seems to reduce fatigue at the end of the day. When stepping off of the mat, your feet leave impressions, but it has not flattened out at all through several months of use.

It seems to be made of a very durable vinyl foam, and even features ribs that make it a non-slip surface. It is only available in black, which doesn’t go with every decor. It also comes rolled up, and takes a little while to lay flat. It recovered from this quickly, though, so I do not think it will begin to curl like some mats.

Costing under $20, this mat comes at an excellent price. Gel mats and other anti-fatigue mats are more than five times the price, and I can’t tell the difference. It’s size, 2 feet wide and 3 feet long, is large enough to provide a working area in the kitchen or could work at any standing desk. At this price, if I needed more area covered, I could simply buy another!

For someone with previous injuries, back problems or degenerative diseases, this mat might not provide as much cushioning as a more expensive mat. For general use by the average person, however, this mat is an inexpensive alternative to others in the marketplace.

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