Comfortable Anti-Fatigue Mat Works Great for Standing Desks

If you are looking for a standing desk mat, anti-fatigue mat, or a mat for your kitchen, this is a great option. Sometimes I use a stand-up desk while I work on a hardwood floor, and this mat certainly adds some support. There are some pros and cons to go over.

The Good:

The mat cushions and is very comfortable to stand on, even for pretty long periods of time. Personally, I like the foam more than gel since the added support helps cushion the ankles, knees, and hips better. It does what an anti-fatigue mat should do, which is give in slightly while also supporting. It is also easy to clean, since the surface is smooth and any messes can be wiped up. This is a huge plus if you plan on using it in your kitchen. The edge is beveled and so far I have not had any issues tripping over it. Finally, the mat is made in the USA, which is another added bonus. I always try to buy USA made products when possible, and it is nice to have a quality mat like this being made here.


This is a decent mat for the price, but you can find similar products for less. Of course, those are usually made in China, so it depends on how concerned you are about where your mat is made. It might be beneficial to watch for sales. It would also be nice to have different size options.

Overall, I would certainly recommend this to a friend. The foam is supportive but also cushions well, the surface is easy to clean, and the beveled edges prevent it from being a tripping hazard. It is also nice to have the different color options. This is a quality mat that makes standing much more comfortable!

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